Teach a man 2 Fish foundation was founded as a non-profit organization by JeanPierre Briggs. The organization is governed by a board of four officers and engages a broad spectrum of volunteers for assistance in implementing its programs and fundraising activities. The foundation board will set the organization‟s remit and high-level strategic objectives. The foundation board members include:

Board of Directors 

Jean Pierre Briggs
Jean Pierre Briggs Owner | Founder | Director
Jean-Pierre Briggs beat the odds by overcoming a challenging childhood and putting himself through college while working full time after obtaining his GED. He graduated with a degree in Psychology and procured employment with a Fortune 500 company. Jean-Pierre’s determination fuels his drive for community improvement while the struggles in his youth keep him grounded. He believes that in order to foster real change in our community there has to be a plan in place to improve at the fundamental level. These ideals are the catalyst for the creation of the Teach a man 2 fish foundation.
Chris Meeks
Chris MeeksBoard Member
Chris Meeks is a native of Virginia Beach, VA, an HBCU graduate, and has worn many professional hats with work experience in the Public and Private Sector. His community service extends from Hampton Roads to Southern Florida. Chris is an advocate for education and personal development; he encourages a balanced lifestyle consisting of setting goals and taking on new challenges.
Chris Owens
Chris OwensBoard Member
Virginia Beach, Va Native. B.S in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Business and Psychology. He has 17 years experience in providing services to adults with Developmental Disabilities and a decade of experience in auditing and security.
Esmel C.W. Meeks
Esmel C.W. MeeksBoard Member
Prior to starting Meeks Consulting, Esmel served as a Senior Advisor & Campaign Manager to U.S. Representative Scott Rigell, VA-02, and as a Business Development Executive with The McDonnell Group. He has six years of legislative experience on the Hill and has worked on numerous local and national elections. Esmel earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship from Virginia Commonwealth University. While attending VCU Esmel started a small business that benefited underprivileged children through scholarships and mentoring programs.

Esmel is a mentor at Parkway Elementary School. He frequently speaks at local public schools and has distinguished himself as a leader on several local boards. Esmel is a founding board member of tHRive, the largest young professional group in our region.